Lifted lotus yoga with Sam erased the anger & stress I’d been holding in my joints & leading to a release of emotional and physical fibromyalgia pain. What a loving environment I can’t wait to try more classes!
— Dr. Michelle Ross, CO
Always an amazing time at Break the Stigma Fitness! Relaxed atmosphere with great energy from both the instructors and participants. They have a Rosin Press and e-nail set up by LuvBuds so you can literally fresh press your bud into rosin and take it straight over to dab. Freshest dabs I’ve ever had and they make for some intense focus and relaxation on the yoga mat!
— Antonio DeRose, CO

If you are looking for a laid back and fun experience where you can meet people, get fit and elevate - this is your place. I took a yoga class recently and laughed the entire way through it. It was really something special - because in most yoga studios - that would not go over well. Best therapy ever! Keep up the great work! xo
— Ashley Kingsley, CO

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Medicated Meditation, Lifted Lotus Yoga and Bud Boot Camp classes at Break the Stigma Fitness! It is always an awesome group of people and all the instructors are amazing! I love the ability to incorporate cannabis as a part of my exercise and as a part of an overall healthy and active lifestyle and enjoy sharing the experience with those who do the same! I will continue to attend classes at the world’s only cannabis friendly facility! Much love!
— Heather DeRose, CO

I love the atmosphere and great staff at this fantastic center. I look forward to working with this venue for future events too. Thanks for creating such a great open space for people to come together in community and consciousness.
— Jamie Thomas, CO

Taking strides and setting the stage for more people to come out and embrace who they are. Cannabis is my medicine to manage chronic pain and without it I never would have made it back into the gym. Very impressed with the business. Way to go Jennessa!
— Ashley Erin Lawrence

Amaing people helping us break the stigma that cannabis users are lazy
— Tyler Prock, CO